Basem Yakhour loses the most precious of people.. Farewell, my love

Artist and actor Bassem Yakhour announced today, Wednesday, the death of his father, writer and journalist Ibrahim Yakhour.

Bassem Yakhour mourned his father through his personal account on Facebook, saying: “Farewell, my father.. The journey of the last days was difficult, painful and frustrating. What comforts my heart is that we talked a lot and you told me things you never told me about you and about me. We smiled and looked into each other’s eyes for a long time in silence that spoke more than thousands of words.” I repeatedly touched your tired face and hair, and wiped my face and my tears with your weary hand.

And he continued: “What consoles my heart is that my brothers and I met after long absences near you, and what also consoled me is the amount of love and attention that the good friends and wonderful people around us overwhelmed us with.” He added: “I will only remember you in your most beautiful pictures as befits that you were today in a better place.” Without pain or aches.. Your soul always flutters in my heart. Farewell, Abu Al-Bar, as we always addressed you.. Farewell, my love.

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