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Barcelona suspends licenses for bars and other activities in the future superblock of Eixample

The urban transformation that the deployment of the big superblock in Eixample will entail is expected to also entail a metamorphosis of economic activity in the area that could end up affecting local commerce. To stop these future changes, the City Council has decided to suspend for a year all licenses and permits for works related to musical leisure activities, restoration and food trade in this part of the Eixample, in the area of ​​Consell de Cent street. between Roger de Llúria and Vilamarí streets.

The municipal government will take advantage of this one-year moratorium to develop a plan of uses in the first four green axes and squares of the new superblock that will be carried out during this term. The Consistory justifies this measure to prevent the disappearance of lifelong businesses that could be threatened by this urban change in which more public space will be given to pedestrians and green areas will be created to the detriment of private traffic.

“We send a clear message to the economic activity of the city. We want all the commercial hubs that will benefit from a very important transformation and public investment to guarantee and preserve local commerce ”, highlighted yesterday Janet Sanz, the Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning of the Barcelona City Council.

For the moment, the winning proposals of the two public tenders for the reform of the streets of Consell de Cent, Girona, Rocafort and Comte Borell and of the intersections of Consell de Cent with Rocafort, Enric Granados, Comte Borrell and Girona have already been chosen .

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The forecast is that the executive projects will be ready in February to start the works in June 2022 with an approximate duration of one year and an investment of 37.8 million.

The scope of the prohibition concerns the premises of Consell de Cent street, between Vilamarí and Roger de Llúria, and those of Rocafort and Comte Borrell between Roma avenue and Gran Via. Also the section of Enric Granados street between Doctor Letamendi square and Consell de Cent. To this restriction must be added the plan of uses already in force that limits commercial activities of public concurrence in Girona street.

Specifically, the municipal government has reported that it will suspend the granting of licenses and permits for activities related to musical entertainment, restaurants, food shops with tastings and specialized in prepared dishes, self-service and convenience stores.

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