Barcelona live today: Santander League match, day 17


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With Betis’s complaints about Barcelona’s first goal, we are going to leave them. Don’t miss Madrid’s match against Valencia tomorrow, vital for the whites so as not to be left behind and also for the Che, who are risking their lives and permanence


Juanmi gives his opinion

“We know what happens with these teams, that they beat you at the minimum. In the first goal, they make a previous foul on Aitor and then in the free kick that they take they take it from far away, but hey, nothing happens. I’m trying to get the best level and be able to have the best level of competition again. The fight will be until the end and we will be fighting to get into the top positions”


Manuel Pellegrini regretted some occasions

“It was a very even match.”

“The first goal was quite a conflictive action. A free kick that was not collected and then they kicked off from twenty meters further on. But the match was very balanced, anyone could win it and Barcelona won it”

Barcelona’s numbers are spectacular in the League so far


Alejandro Balde has been chosen as the best player of the match. Deserved, without a doubt


Xavi was satisfied

“We have played a great game. The game has been excellent in many phases. We have been able to decide even though we have complicated our lives in an isolated play. Very happy with the result but above all for the game. We have improved a lot. We had control and We played in the opposite field, arriving well. In the end we rotated more out of fatigue than performance. They played a brilliant game. The team is involved and it shows”


Raphinha opened the scoring

“The feeling is very good, we are working very hard and the results are the points we have. It is important to continue trusting in the season. They are difficult matches because Betis is a very good team. If there are chances you have to score them. I don’t think “That the referee favored us. It was a great match. I didn’t ask for a penalty but it touched me and I fell on the field, the referee must know if it’s a penalty or not, and he also has the help of VAR”


Borja Iglesias was angry

“Against Barça there are always games like this, it’s difficult to take the ball away from them, they submit you. The penalty was the first goal, we were fine, but from then on to think about the next game. I’m angry because I feel that sometimes there are things We’ve had occasions where we should have been better at the top. But even so, we competed a lot.”


Ter Stegen has only conceded seven goals, one of them today from Koundé


William Carvalho has seen the red while he went to changing rooms


The protagonists applaud


Xavi’s team is in a hundred-point league dynamic, something historic that only Tito Vilanova achieved at Barcelona


Finaaaaaaaaaaaaaal Finaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


It takes to get Ter Stegen out


Barcelona, ​​taking the ball off


Betis does not lose faith, there are two minutes left


Juanmi offside when he left alone towards the Barcelona goal


Four minutes added. Betis players protest


Last minute plus added


Change in Barcelona

Xavi puts muscle in the center of the field. You remove Pedri and put Kessie in


Betis turns over the Barcelona areaaaaaaaaaa. Dangerous


Min. 85

Strong ball inside the area that Koundé hits with his chest, beating Ter Stegen. He did not know French if he had someone behind him and intervenes unfortunately. Barcelona, ​​doomed to suffer


Goooooooooooooool Gooooooooooooooooool Goooooooooooooool del Betis. Goooooooooooool de Koundé en propia puertaaaaaaaaaaa


On the previous occasion, Ansu Fati headed in a good cross from Balde but Lewandowski was behind, much better placed


Change in Barcelona

Gavi leaves and Ferran enters, the man who scores every chance he gets (the irony catches me, right?)


Ansu Fati fueraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


These two goals put enormous pressure on Madrid, who will start the match against Valencia tomorrow, eight points behind Barça


Has celebrated Lewandowski his goal with rage. It was the return of the Pole after his three-match ban. He already marked Betis for that a few weeks ago in the Super Cup


Change in Barcelona

Ansu Fati enters and Raphinha leaves


Min. 79

Corner kick that Araujo wins from above at the near post, the ball falls to the Pole, who has time to control it and beat Rui Silva


Gooooooooooooool  Gooooooooooool Gooooooooooooooooool Lewandowskiiiiiiii Gol gol gol gol gol gol


They will have about a quarter of an hour to try to change the result


Triple change at Betis

Sabaly, Rodri and Willian José replace Ruibal (the one with green hair), Luiz Henrique and Borja Iglesias


Pellegrini is going to make another change. Rodri is ready in the band


Min. 73

When the Pole was going to finish off, only Luiz Felipe appeared, throwing himself to the ground, to deflect the ball


Lewandowskiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, corneeeeeer


Raphinha needed the goal, highly questioned this season


Min. 70

Good play by Canales, creating danger and recovering the ball inside the Barcelona area. It falls but there is nothing


The atmosphere in Villamarín is tense and Betis is spreading


Amarilla for Luiz Henrique


What an opportunity the Betiiiiiiiiis has lost. It was a sung goaloooooooooooooooo


Yellow for Canales for protesting. Before she had seen Ruibal


Oops, the Betis players are eating the referee


Gooooooooooooooooool Gooooooooooooooooooooool Gooooooooooooooooooooool Raphinhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gooooooooooooooooooooool


Double change at Betis

Fekir and William leave and Juanmi and Guardado enter


Now Barcelona is attacking a lot. He has Betis locked up in his area


Min. 59

Roba Gavi after an error by Ruibal, the one with the green hair, but the Betic side remakes himself, chases him and manages to disrupt the Sevillian’s play


Abner blames Raphinha for another fall inside the area. The Brazilian drops into the area


Barcelona asks for a penalty for a demolition of Canales on Raphinha. It is not granted by the referee or the VAR


Min. 55

Quick play by Betis in attack but Fekir rushes in and shoots from afar


Fekiiiiiiiiir at the hands of Ter Stegen


Min. 53

What a foul churro Raphinha has taken, Nobody has touched her. Who was that ball going to?


Barcelona continues to suffer from a lack of gunpowder. He wins his matches but by the minimum. We will have to see what happens today but at the moment we have only recorded two clear legal chances and both closed


Min. 48

What a good pass behind Balde, for Pedri, who is alone at the penalty spot. The canary’s strong kick is repelled by the Betic meta with one hand. grossaaaaaaaal


Another by Pedriiiiiiiiiiiiii, another by Rui Silvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


There are no changes in any of the two teams


Starting the second parteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I still remember what Pedri failed, the clearest in the game…


Have you already had dinner or are you waiting for the game to end? I am in the second group. But the truth is that the game is so interesting that I don’t even hear the growls of my stomach


Well, about to start the second part


We will see if Xavi and Pellegrini make changes at this break to try to find some variation


Good first half for both teams in an entertaining game. Barcelona continues with a clean sheet and Betis without losing in a field, where they have only given up one defeat all season


Barcelona has had clear chances but they have not materialized and when they did it was offside


The referee does not add anything


Finaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal of the first part


Every time a team takes it, it launches into a whirlwind attack. The game is nice


The Barcelona midfielder finished off very alone, although he was offside


Gaviiiiiiii crosses it too headlong


Betis press high. four minutes to go


Gavi fueraaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ball that leaves Lewandowski’s head but the Sevillian does not shoot between the three sticks although it ends in a corner


Min. 38

Fekir limps after a tackle from De Jong, although the Dutchman reaches the ball earlier


Rui Silvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa salva a al Betiiiiis!!!!!!


Gooooooooool anuladooooooooooooooooo del Barcelona

Raphinha’s illegal position when finishing off Frenkie de Jong’s cross with a header


Min. 32

The ball came to Canales in a good counterattack by Betis but Koundé corrects it in time and arrives in time to cross and cover the Betis shot


Channeleeeeeeeeeeeeee to tuvooooooooooooooooo


Min. 29

The game is entertaining. Possession is being held by Barcelona but Betis exudes danger every time they have the ball


Lack of Fekir, who lets go and hits Gavi, who hurts on the ground


Min. 21

Another good arrival from Barcelona but Lewandowski can’t finish off


Min. 19

what occasion of Pedriwho receives a ball inside the area, gets rid of two rivals on a tile, whom he leaves seated but abuses the ball and wants to dribble the goalkeeper instead of passing it to Bucketwho was alone… Xavi, genius and pacifier Pedri, gets angry… in equal parts


Uyuyuyuy what Pedriiiiiiii has done but Rui Silvaaaaaaaaaa takes it away


What a stomp on Raphinha by Abner. Lack. He could have hurt her…


We complete the first quarter of an hour


Ooooh what a hurt!!!!! Lewandowski is given with his jaw on Pezzella’s head. They both hurt on the ground but they end up getting up


Can someone tell me what color Ruibal’s hair is? Green, faded blue…? My god, what fashions…


Serious loss of the ball from Balde, Borja Iglesias gets into the area but collides with Koundé and goes to the ground. The referee does not appreciate anything


Betis asks for a penalty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



They deflect Luiz Henrique’s shot. Great pass from Borja Iglesias to the striker but his shot finds the door


Min. 9

Relax Xavi and also Pellegrini. The Betis coach knows that it is difficult for someone to win at Villamarín


Min. 5

missing about GaviHow well the ‘6’ looks on the back. He is already a Barça player until 2026 and whoever wants him should pay a billion. Unless the LaLiga resource bears fruit


Perhaps the Koundé Every time you touch the ball, is it because of your past at Sevilla?


Raphinhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa al cuerpo del portero

Good through ball from Koundé but the referee just signaled the Brazilian offside


Min. 1

Good play in attack by Barcelona, ​​which comes through touching the ball a lot but in the end Balde ends up committing a foul


Start the partyoooooooooooooooo. The Betiiiiiiis plays it


And those from Betis make the typical huddle to cheer each other up… More things about football


The Barcelona players hug each other, as if it were the first time they have seen each other… Football things


The protagonists leave. The Betis anthem sung by the fans sounds

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