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Barcelona is the first European city to say goodbye to flash delivery drivers: ‘Tired of nuisance’

The City Council of Barcelona has decided. There is no longer room in the city for flash delivery drivers. Barcelona is the nuisance of delivery scooters, the danger that bicycle couriers cause and all that waste sat in front of a dark store.

Eye thorn

There are now officially 21 flash delivery drivers registered in Barcelona. They are companies like Glovo, Gorillas and Getir. They do not want to respond to the ban. The buildings from which they deliver groceries quickly are mainly located in the center of the city. That is a thorn in the side of the left-wing majority in the city council. A statement explains why the buildings, which are often shuttered – hence the name ‘dark store’ – and where delivery scooters block the road, must be closed. “We are tired of the inconvenience. We want to restore the quality of life in the neighbourhoods. For all residents and for all traditional neighborhood supermarkets.”

Struggle with flash delivery drivers

Flash delivery drivers popped up like mushrooms during the corona crisis. A lot was ordered due to the lockdowns. And flash delivery companies often guarantee home delivery of groceries within 20 minutes.

In Europe, many cities are struggling with fast grocery delivery services. In Amsterdam and Rotterdam, among others, no new dark stores have been allowed since the beginning of last year. There was stricter supervision and some buildings also had to close. Paris did the same. Other large cities ban flash delivery drivers to the outskirts of the city. There they slowly disappear because they can no longer deliver quickly.

General ban flash delivery drivers

Barcelona is now taking it a step further. There will be a general ban on flash delivery drivers in the city. Groceries may only be stored in the buildings. The owners may also turn it into a supermarket where customers can do their own shopping inside.

And it doesn’t stop there for the Spanish city. The city council is also banning eateries in the center that only deliver meals. The measures will probably take effect next week. Then the newspaper of the municipality in which the decision is mentioned is published. So that everyone can read it. That sounds old-fashioned, but that is still how it is arranged in Barcelona.

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