“Bank Mandiri and Volta collaborate to offer subsidized electric motorbikes through Livin’ by Mandiri”


Indonesia is currently pushing for an energy transition to reduce carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. PT Mandiri Bank Tbk in collaboration with Volta, a member of the PT M Cash Integrasi Tbk group, as well as a subsidiary of PT NFC Indonesia Tbk. Through this collaboration, Mandiri Bank Together with Volta, we came up with a solution for the convenience of purchasing Volta’s electric motorbike products through the Livin’ Sukha feature on the Livin’ by Mandiri Super App.

“This initiative and collaboration aims to make electric vehicles more accessible and affordable for the people of Indonesia. In accordance with the Government’s efforts to expand the electric vehicle ecosystem in the country,” said Bank Mandiri Network & Retail Banking Director Aquarius Rudianto in a press release, Tuesday (30 /5/2023).

He explained that this time Bank Mandiri and Volta were further strengthening the synergy to realize the net zero emission target by supporting the government’s electric motorbike subsidy program.

“By providing a platform for purchasing subsidized Volta electric motorbikes through Livin’ by Mandiri, the public, especially Bank Mandiri customers who meet the requirements, can enjoy the experience of buying subsidized Volta electric motorbikes easily and safely,” he said.

Communities who meet the requirements can now easily check whether they are eligible for government assistance programs by simply checking their NIK KTP in the Livin’ by Mandiri application.

If you meet the requirements, the advanced Aquarius community can directly make purchases on the Livin’ by Mandiri application. In the future, we will also provide several payment options, including Mandiri debit or credit cards, credit card installments, payroll financing, and competitive interest rate leasing products in the industry.

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“For people who do not meet the requirements for the subsidy program, they can also continue to make purchases with various attractive programs,” he explained. This flexible platform is expected to be a solution for people who want to have electric vehicles.

In addition to the purchase of electric motorbikes, Bank Mandiri and Volta are also working together to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles through the Volta electric motorbike rental service (SEMOLIS) by presenting attractive programs. In the future, online motorcycle taxi drivers who use SEMOLIS who register as Bank Mandiri customers as well as new Livin’ by Mandiri users will get a free Volta Electric Motorbike Rental (SEMOLIS) service for 2 days in the form of a voucher worth IDR 90,000.

“This collaboration not only supports the government’s environmental initiatives, but also demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative financial solutions that have a positive impact on society. Through flexible purchasing menus and awareness campaigns about government assistance programs, we aim to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, contributing to Indonesia’s cleaner and greener.”

Director of Volta, Iwan Suryaputra, said that the collaboration was expected to be a catalyst in boosting the effectiveness of the distribution of Volta’s electric motorbike subsidies so that they were more targeted. Meanwhile, the conditions for receiving this assistance include recipients of People’s Business Credit (KUR), and with the potential of more than 700 thousand Bank Mandiri KUR recipients connected to the Livin’ by Mandiri application, subsidized electric motorbikes will soon be enjoyed by people who meet the requirements.

“Our collaboration with Bank Mandiri is part of our commitment to achieve this goal, by providing an easy, convenient and safe experience for buying Volta electric motorbikes,” said Iwan.

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Managing Director of PT M Cash Integrasi Tbk, Jahja Suryandy, added that since the Indonesian government announced the provision of incentives for electric vehicles, Volta has made comprehensive preparations in various aspects, including increasing production capacity and establishing strategic partnerships. The goal is to increase the adoption of electric vehicles by making it easier for the public to obtain subsidized electric motorbikes.

“In line with this, the MCAS Group is very committed to building a massive electric vehicle infrastructure to present an electric vehicle ecosystem that supports environmentally friendly mobility solutions throughout Indonesia,” explained Jahja.

Volta itself already has Battery Change System (SGB) stations available in nearly 300 locations in various cities in Indonesia, and also has more than 100 dealers. For information, until the end of March 2023 Bank Mandiri has disbursed Rp 143 billion in electric vehicle financing.

Meanwhile, Bank Mandiri’s total sustainable portfolio in the first quarter of 2023 managed to penetrate IDR 232 trillion, which was intended for MSMEs, renewable energy and clean transportation. This figure increased from the same period last year of IDR 218 trillion with a portion reaching 24.9% of Bank Mandiri’s total loans.

To strengthen the sustainable sector, Bank Mandiri is also preparing to issue a Sustainable Public Offering (PUB) of green bonds with a target of IDR 10 trillion. In the first stage, the company targets a maximum of IDR 5 trillion in funds.


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