Ballet slippers – a hit for autumn

Ballet slippers – a hit for autumn

A new trend is taking over the shoe world this fall!

The weather is still warm, there are sunny autumn days until the end of the month, and there are often quite pleasant and warm afternoons in October and early November, so we don’t have to rely only on boots or chunky trainers for autumn.

Now the focus is on some very gentle, elegant and sophisticated shoes – the ballet slippers, write from “Pop Sugar”.

They are ideal precisely for the transitional weather – when it is not hot and too stuffy, but not yet cold and frosty.

The good thing is that they are very comfortable because they have a flat sole and you can use them in everyday life – for a walk in the park, work, school, coffee, cinema.

At the same time, they look stylish, reminiscent in appearance of high closed heeled shoes, so you can confidently bet on them for formal events, parties, theater, etc.

The stars also love ballet slippers.

Meghan Markle, Sofia Richie, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Claudia Sulewski have already shown that they are betting on this type of shoes in recent months.

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