Baim Wong Makes It Surprising to Come Not Invited to Sule’s Wedding in Lampung, Bandar Lampung – Artis Baim Wong make people excited Bandar Lampungbecause of his coming to wedding Sule and Faiza, even though she uninvited.

Baim Wong admitted that he came on purpose though uninvited to the reception wedding Sule and Faiza at Bandar Lampung.

Sudden arrival Baim Wong to the reception wedding Sule and Faiza at Bandar Lampungthough uninvitedbecause he saw the many flower boards.

It is known, citizens Bandar Lampung suddenly a commotion after the artist Baim Wong suddenly appeared at wedding Sule with Faiza.

Wearing a blue hoodie, Baim Wong suddenly appeared at Sule’s wedding reception with Faiza which was held on Sunday (7/8/2022).

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Whereas, Baim Wong uninvited at the reception wedding Sule and Faiza.

At that time, Baim Wong present at wedding the couple whose full names are Sulaiman and Faiza Ukhti Annisa, at around 12.30 WIB.

Presence Baim Wong The sudden surprise made all the visitors, including the bride and groom, as well as the bride’s family shocked.

Spontaneously, the presence of Paula Verhoeven’s husband immediately attracted attention so that it didn’t take long for the invited guests to crowd around Baim Wong.

On that occasion, Baim Wong conveyed, if he had deliberately stopped by wedding Sule and Faiza though uninvited.

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