Bailiff auctions in Podkarpacie. Bid on a house at a bargain price [ZDJĘCIA]

At bailiff auctions we will find many interesting sales offers. Houses, flats and land can be purchased at much lower prices than those prevailing on the market. In our gallery you will see offers of houses from Podkarpacie.


We found offers with houses on the website

A bailiff’s auction is a process of selling movable or immovable property organized by a court bailiff to satisfy the creditor. This is one of the enforcement measures used when the debtor is unable or unwilling to pay his debt. The auction is open to all interested parties and proceeds in accordance with the procedures specified in the law.

The course of the bailiff auction is as follows:

  1. Announcement: The bailiff announces the date and place of the auction by publishing the announcement in the appropriate media.
  2. Item overview: Interested persons have the opportunity to see the object of the auction before the auction itself.
  3. Bidding opening: The auction is opened by the bailiff who determines the initial price at which the bidding begins.
  4. Offers: Bidders place their bids, increasing the price for the item.
  5. End of the auction: The bidding ends when there are no new bids for a certain period of time.
  6. Sale: The highest bidder is obligated to pay the price for the item within a specified period.
  7. Satisfying the creditor: The funds collected from the auction are transferred to the creditor to satisfy his claim.

Bailiff auctions in Podkarpacie. Bid on a house at a bargain…

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