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Bachelorette Gaby Blaaser is dating again

Bachelorette– and Instagram star Gaby Blaaser is dating again! In an interview with Show news she talked past her mouth: she does not form a set (anymore) with Bas Schothorst.

In De Bachelorette several men competed for Blaaser’s hand. It all started nice and cozy, but ended with some fierce arguments and accusations.

“I think that’s a real shame. I’ve never had the feeling that really crazy things happened; I also thought what is happening? I know how to handle things like that very well. I would rather have said: boys, together we turned it into something beautiful and created something beautiful. ”

After the show, bitter reproaches were tossed back and forth between Gaby, Joey and Jordy. After the relationship between Gaby and Joey broke down before he even started, Gaby said she wanted to date Jordy. At that moment however, she was also photographed while she was wine with racing driver Bas Schothorst.

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Gaby Blaaser was(?) De Bachelorette

Officially the two weren’t dating (according to Gaby), but Jordy reacted furiously! According to the Bachelorette, the two had known each other for a long time and decided to have a glass of wine after the final of the program. Gaby is now allowed to date again, she says: “But not with him!”

After realizing that she has spoken a little, she panics and Loiza Lamers breaks off the interview with a smile: “We have to keep going!” Very mysterious, just like the rumors about it close contacts she would have had with presenter Rick Brandsteder.

De Bachelorette was quite a hit this year! Many viewers still wanted to know whether the influencer would get involved. In addition, they got to know Blaaser (who seemed rather fake on Instagram for a long time) from a completely new side.

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