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Baba Wanga’s Prophecies for 2024: A Year of Upheaval – Infocomma Economy


Baba Vanga, the Bulgarian seer known as the “Nostradamus of the Balkans,” left a series of prophecies for the year 2024, ranging from political upheaval to medical breakthroughs.

Where is Baba Wanga?

Born in 1911 and died in 1996, Wanga lost her eyesight at a young age and then began to have visions. She gained fame for her accuracy in previous prophecies.

Predictions for 2024

For 2024, Wanga predicted a series of earth-shattering events. These include a possible attack on the Russian president, terrorist attacks in Europe and the political rise of Donald Trump.

China as a new world power

According to Wanga, China will become the world’s leading power in 2024. This prediction reflects current global dynamics and China’s growing influence.

Breakthrough in cancer research

One of Wanga’s positive prophecies is the discovery of a cure for cancer. This would represent a significant advance in medical research.

More predictions

Wanga’s other predictions for 2024 include the development of a new quantum computer and an increase in climate change.

The accuracy of Wanga’s prophecies

The article examines the historical accuracy of Wanga’s prophecies and highlights which of her previous predictions came true.

Dealing with prophecies

The article concludes with a look at how we can deal with such prophecies. It is emphasized that positive thinking and a conscious approach to future predictions are important.

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