Avatar Frontiers of Pandora has launched ultra-maximum graphics mode for next-gen PCs. It worked on RTX 4090

When creating Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, the developers took into account that more powerful PCs would someday appear

The creators of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora have prepared a graphics mode for the next generation PC. It was named Unobtanium.

Unobtanium was created with a reserve for the future – it was assumed that it would be able to pose a serious challenge to new PCs that would someday appear, and it would put a lot of stress on the current hardware.

Digital Foundry Specialists found out, that the current capacities are quite capable of “digesting” this formidable regime. If you run Avatar Frontiers of Pandora with ultra-maximum Unobtanium graphics in 4K on an RTX 4090 and connect DLSS in Quality mode, then you can play it: but there will be drops below 60 FPS.

There is room for improvement: Digital Foundry notes that there are no tracing effects for transparent objects (they currently use cube maps); structure BVH (scene geometry) is simplified, so the quality of reflections is lower than it could be.

Video clip:

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