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“Autistic Boy Denied Schooling After Disclosing Condition” – BBC News Arabic

  • Nagham Qasim
  • BBC News

photo comment,

Noah is good at playing and drawing and has learned several languages ​​through YouTube since he was two years old

At what age did you start speaking? Did you learn a foreign language, play music or draw? We all differ in the age at which we start doing these things or some of them, but most of us started school for the first time around the same age.

As for Noah, he differs from us in almost everything. Although he mastered several languages, playing music and drawing at an earlier age than his peers, he cannot attend a school like them, as his family says.

Noah is an eight-year-old Egyptian child, and his family says that he composes musical works with the help of a computer program and shares them with his followers on his YouTube channel.

He also composes video clips for the cartoon characters he loves, puts voices and dialogue on them different from the original dialogue, and also draws flowers and cartoon characters and colors them, and in addition to all that, he “speaks several languages, all of which he learned on his own via YouTube.”

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