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Austrian Standards presents itself online anew

Vienna. Austrian Standards presents norms, seminars etc. Now on a new website: The corona crisis emphasized the importance of the digital world.

In the exceptional situation of the Covid 19 pandemic, Austrian Standards, in conjunction with European and international standardization organizations, has made important standards for the production of protective equipment available free of charge via the digital channels: The standardization institutions want to ensure that personal protective equipment is manufactured in an adequate quality can.

This is seen as a best practice example of how digitization can be used quickly and sensibly to distribute essential messages. As a next step into the new digital world, Austrian Standards is now presenting new tools and the new website www.austrian-standards.at.

The new content

Managing Director Elisabeth Stampfl-Blaha noted that customer feedback was taken into account in order to achieve the goal of a dynamic, reliable and comfortable platform.

For the new website, which has been online since May 8, 2020, i.a. Redesigned design and navigation. The options offered range from “Online Tools & Services” to “Seminars & Training Courses” and “Certification” to “Technical Literature & Books”. A second track offers users the option of navigating to the desired goal according to functions according to the motto “I want …”. Other contents are “Participation in standards”, news and others.

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