Australia: Snake wants to eat dog and then almost suffocates on the ceiling


Snake wants to eat dog and almost suffocates on the ceiling

A snake had probably intended to attack a family dog ​​in Australia – but instead swallowed the blanket.

Yaroomba (Australien) – Welch stranger Sight: This snake had probably intended to attack the dog a small family in Australia to grab – but instead she swallowed his blanket.

The eyes were bigger than the mouth … © Image montage: TikTok / Screenshot / sunnycoastsnakecatchers (2)

In mid-August, the snake catcher Stuart McKenzie was called to Yaroomba to look after a reptile in an extremely unfavorable position.

This had got lost in the house of a family after smelling a four-legged friend.

Guided by this, it finally led her to the animal’s bed, on which there was a blanket. And it not only smelled of the dog, but also felt like one because of the fabric.

Youngsters want to help Krab:

Young people want to help Krabbe: “Rescue operation” has a catch

“Apparently the snake came in and picked up scent particles in the air with its tongue,” explained Stuart in one Videowhich he has since published on his company’s social media channels.

Then he gently stroked the rest of the blanket: “And that feels like a mammal.”

Presumably she then grabbed the substance and tried to swallow it – believing that it was a dog.

Stuart was shocked – he had never seen anything so crazy.

“Hopefully she’ll choke the ceiling out again and there will be no drama,” he muttered in the video while gently nudging the snake to encourage it to release the ceiling.

And indeed – shortly afterwards a close-up shows how the snake chokes up the ceiling piece by piece, until it is finally freed after a few seconds.

Stuart then carefully grabs the reptile and puts it in a sack.

In the middle of the Australian outback, he then releases it again – in the hope that this little carpet python will soon get something right between the pearly whites.

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