Aurélien Scheidler: “I would like to reach the bar of 10 to 12 goals”

The DFCO is smiling again, thanks to its first victory of the season against Bastia for the 7th day of Ligue 2. Before the match, the striker Aurélien Scheidler, Dijon top scorer (3 goals), received the trophy for best player of the month of August, elected by the supporters. The tall striker (1m92) came to celebrate it in the 100% DFCO program on France Bleu Bourgogne, Monday, September 13, 2021.

Listen to the interview with Aurélien Scheidler

How did you feel when you received this trophy in front of the audience from Gaston Gérard?

This is the first time that I have been elected with the DFCO best player of the month. I am very flattered. Well, these are not the performances that I would have preferred to have with the DFCO, but very happy to have received the trophy.

Why do you think you were elected?

At the start of the season, I was fairly consistent, apart from the first two games. I scored three goals in three games, so I think the fans enjoyed it.

Not too frustrated to have started on the bench against Bastia this weekend?

If, inevitably, when you are an attacker, when you are a competitor, you are necessarily frustrated when you are a substitute, but hey the coach has made a choice. We kept the score, we won 2-1, that’s the main thing.

Do you have a goal of goals scored this season?

We necessarily set goals. I would like to reach the bar of 10 to 12 goals with the DFCO.

Do you feel more comfortable with another striker by your side and a number 10 behind you?

Yes, I find it harder to be alone in a rush. Against Bastia, the coach made a choice, a single attacker, so there is necessarily a player who pays. But I prefer to play before a striker and a ten behind.

Your three goals are “nice goals”, after a lot of work near the goal. Is agility in the surface one of your main qualities?

When you are grown up, you are inevitably less mobile. But I work as much as possible on that, on the downforce, to be as fast as possible. I try to play with my quality, with my power.

How did you experience your loan to Nancy the second half of last season?

Very well. It’s a group that welcomed me very well, I quickly adapted. I really enjoyed my experience there, it allowed me to evolve, to grow, that’s the main thing. I received a lot of messages asking me to stay.

Was there any contact with Nancy this summer?

Yes, the president and the coach wanted me to stay, but on the DFCO side it was out of the question for me to leave.

What appeals to you about the Dijon project?

I was promised to have a little more playing time than last season. When you are considered in a group, it is always better for a player. I was told that we were going to try to play the top of the table, that’s what we are working on to get back up as quickly as possible.

After the victory against Bastia, Patrice Garande spoke of a “euphoric” locker room. Did you feel a great relief?

Yes, a relief for everyone, for us and for the supporters. We could see the communion that there was with them. It was euphoria in the locker room, we really took advantage of this battle cry, which I did not know by the way …

Fred Sammaritano found his voice?

(Laughs) Yes he recovered during the weekend, things are better!

Now the DFCO must start a series …

With what we experienced last season, the hardest part was this first victory to get. In the minds, we feel much better. What is needed is to continue by winning against Dunkirk on Saturday, we will do everything for it. Ligue 2 is a very complicated championship, where everyone can win against everyone. The upcoming matches will be decisive.

What has changed on a daily basis, in training, since the arrival of Patrice Garande?

There is a lot more intensity in the workouts. He is a coach who does not laugh at all. I think we needed that, we had to put the ranks in order. Now it’s happened, it’s a different way of working, you have to get used to it, that’s what we’re doing. We are seeing that it is paying off, so it’s perfect.

He’s a coach who doesn’t laugh at all, I think we needed that

You took number 21 this season, that of the legendary Stéphane Mangione and the Côte-d’Or? Why ?

It’s just that it was my first number when I signed pro for Orléans, it brought me luck, I had a good season, I had scored a lot of goals (9 goals in all competitions in 2019/2020, editor’s note). I knew that Mounir (Chouiar) was going to leave, so I simply wanted to take this number.

You are delighted by your many celebrations. What’s your favorite ?

It’s more the archer, it’s a celebration that I’ve been doing since I signed professional. I don’t know, I don’t even know where this celebration came from. We will try to do as much as possible this season!


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