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Auchan’s Mysterious Trolley Campaign Sells Out in 40 Minutes! See What’s Inside

As Auchan representatives reported, the pilot of the “Mysterious Trolley” campaign was extremely popular among customers. – We then prepared 100 carts containing a total of over 1,000 products. The campaign met with great interest from consumers – all strollers were sold in a record time of 40 minutes! Interestingly, the highest value strollers sold the fastest. After such a good reception of this initiative, we decided to expand the campaign to the whole of Poland – said Frederic Valet, Marketing Director at Auchan Polska.

Mysterious Auchan stroller. What was inside? We have photos of the strollers

On Friday, April 12, 7,000 people appeared in all 70 Auchan hypermarkets. mysterious carts. The action started at 1:00 p.m. and will be valid until 16 or while supplies last.

We were at the Auchan hypermarket at ul. Jubilerska in Warsaw, see in the gallery what goods the discounted carts contained. The price of strollers in this store was around PLN 100-200.

The chain’s press release described “a variety of industrial products, such as small household appliances, home decorations and textiles, gardening supplies, toys, sports equipment, DIY products and many others.” The contents of the carts are a surprise to customers and their value is accordingly PLN 300, PLN 400 and PLN 500. Each of them can be purchased with a discount at least 66 proc. – transferred. Auchan is planning further “Mysterious Trolley” campaigns.

Mysterious carts in Auchan! Customers buy a “pig in a poke”. What’s inside?

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