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Attorney Héctor Parra will seek to appeal resolution; accuses influentialism

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This afternoon at a hearing a judge determined that Héctor Parra was linked to the process, Therefore, you will have to stay in the Oriente Prison for a few more days while your legal situation is resolved. and a trial is held to determine whether or not he is guilty of alleged sexual abuse against his daughter. After the result, eThe actor’s attorney will seek to appeal.

In an interview with First ManO, José Luis Guerrero, Héctor Parra’s lawyer, mentioned that the connection to the process It is not a sentence and that the actor could be up to 45 days in the East Prison, but he pointed out that the resolution which was reached violates the rights of the actor.

The lawyer also commented that at the hearing, the judge realized that the Public Ministry withheld information from him in order to request the arrest warrant against the actor. Because there are several inconsistencies, will seek to appeal and accused of influentialism in the case.

“On Monday we are going to appeal and we are going to request that this be reviewed in the instance that it has to be, the legal procedure of the Public Ministry also has to be reviewed. It is very difficult to obtain justice when we talk about influentialism to fabricate guilty parties (…), we will go for the criminal responsibility of the Public Ministry, the Prosecutor’s Office for sexual crimes and anyone who is responsible and those who have pressured the prosecution or the judge ” .

José Luis Guerrero announced that he will also give priority to a complaint for influence peddling, that apparently will be brought against Sergio Mayer. On the other hand, he mentioned that in the case of Héctor Parra it could also be linked to Ginny Hoffman, the actor’s ex-wife.

“The worst thing would be if he was sentenced, if Hector were responsible tomorrow after exhausting all resources, there is a co-participation of the crime on the part of Mrs. Hoffman, we are going to go that way, it is not the route, the route is Justice”.

Daniela Parra, Héctor Parra’s eldest daughter, asks for justice

Through tears, Daniela Parra, who has defended her father, commented in an interview with the show program that will reach the ultimate consequences to prove that his father is innocent.

“My dad is innocent, he doesn’t have to be locked up for another day. I hope that justice is done and you who support me, help me to do justice because you know that there is something behind (…), he or anyone who is locked up is not having a good time, we know that he is innocent, he knows that it is innocent. I am going to reach the last consequences because my father does not deserve to be locked up ”.

Finally, the young woman declared that he has no grudge against his sister Alexa and that it ensures that it is being influenced.

“I have no grudge, Alexa is my sister, I love my sister. I worry because whatever happens she will get hurt, just like me and I feel bad for her, it makes me very angry that they are doing this against my dad, but it is not Alexa’s fault because she is being a victim of many things ” .


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