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Attention hay fever patients: a lot of pollen is arriving in Leiden

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Do you have hay fever? Then there is a good chance of itchy eyes and sneezing this week, because a lot of pollen is flying through the air in Leiden. Get your chest wet…

The website Hooikoortsradar.nl keeps accurate records of pollen counts in the Netherlands. The platform works together with Buienradar and the Elkerliek hospital to provide an indication of the expected pollen pressure.

Lots of pollen in Leiden

On the radar we see that a lot of pollen floats through the air in Leiden on Thursday and Friday. On a scale of ten, the hay fever radar gives the area around Leiden an eight. That means you have to make the right preparations if you suffer from hay fever!

Tips against hay fever

Burning eyes, a dry throat and a stuffy nose: hay fever is no fun. according to Thuisarts.nl unfortunately it cannot be cured. Fortunately, the health platform has some tips:

  • stay indoors and close windows if there is a lot of pollen;
  • wear sunglasses when you go outside;
  • do not mow the grass yourself;
  • do not hang laundry outside;
  • rinse your nose with saline.

Hay fever or the coronavirus?

The symptoms of hay fever resemble those of the coronavirus. The Dutch government reports about this: “If you have hay fever, you have the same complaints every year in approximately the same period. You can then feel whether it is ‘those complaints of the hay fever’. The same applies to complaints that are typically associated with an allergy. If in doubt or if the symptoms feel different: get tested and stay at home until the results are known.”

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