Attempts by Regent to Visit Kemendagri Kandas, Pilkades Ciamis Still Postponed

Ciamis News, – The efforts of the Regent to visit the Ministry of Home Affairs so that the simultaneous Village Head Election (Pilkades) in Ciamis can still be carried out, ran aground. The Pilkades Ciamis was still postponed.

Regent of Ciamis Dr. H. Herdiat Sunarya, MM, reacted immediately after receiving a letter from the Minister of Home Affairs number 14/4528 / SJ.

Letter from the Minister of Home Affairs dated August 10, 2020, addressed to regional heads containing requests for postponement of Pilkades.

“Pity the candidate if it is postponed, if we postpone it, our calculations will be even more vulnerable,” Herdiat explained, Tuesday (11/8/2020).

According to Herdiat, previously many village head candidates complained that the Village Head Election (Pilkades) could be carried out as soon as possible.

Implementation of simultaneous Pilkades in Ciamis is only a matter of counting the days, which will be held on August 15, 2020.

With a letter from the Minister of Home Affairs regarding the simultaneous postponement of Pilkades, Herdiat made efforts to keep the Pilkades held.

Apart from sending a letter to the Minister of Home Affairs, Herdiat also immediately left for Jakarta to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Regent visited the Ministry of Home Affairs as an effort to keep Pilkades in Ciamis going, in accordance with the expectations of the candidates and the committee.

Reasons for the National Affairs Ciamis Pilkades to Be Postponed

The efforts of the Regent of Ciamis to visit the Ministry of Home Affairs in an effort to keep the Pilkades held simultaneously in Ciamis did not bear fruit.

For reasons of national affairs, the Minister of Home Affairs, Muhammad Tito Karnavian, still does not allow the Pilkades to be held.

“The results still cannot be made by the Minister of Home Affairs, because there are other more important matters concerning national affairs,” said Herdiat.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Regent of Ciamis Yana D Putra via video conference announced that the simultaneous Pilkades in Ciamis was postponed.

“It is with a heavy heart that the simultaneous Pilkades which should be held on August 15, 2020 is postponed after the simultaneous regional elections,” said Yana.

Yana also advised all sub-district heads to convey to all village PJS that will hold Pilkades.

Yana also conveyed that an official letter would be sent tomorrow because the Regent of Ciamis, Dr. Herdiat Sunarya, MM, is still on the way.

“Officially, the Ciamis Regency Government will send a letter tomorrow, now the Regent is still on his way home from Jakarta to Ciamis,” he concluded. (GaluhID / Ardiansyah)

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