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Atanas Merdzhanov: The result of the BSP in the next elections will be even worse – 2024-02-23 00:43:53

/ world today news/ “Yesterday’s congress will go down in history. Even before the Congress began, delegates were not allowed, enumerators were changed. Angel Naydenov, Kostadin Paskalev, Kiril Dobrev, Kaloyan Pargov, Dimitar Dubov were stripped of their delegate powers. If the BSP wants to call itself a democratic party, it cannot be surprised that there was a point where the resignation of Cornelia Ninova was wanted. After this disastrous loss for BSP after the last elections, she herself announced that this issue will be taken up in the Congress. It stretched over time, dragged on, and now she has announced that such a problem is not relevant.”

This was stated on the air of Euronews Bulgaria Atanas Merdzhanov, a former MP from the BSP.

I have been participating in BSP Congresses and National Councils for decades, never has any chairman been so fierce towards his opposition. Yesterday, the delegates to the first vote were 400 people. At the second there were 800 people.

“I don’t know if the BSP supported Rumen Ovcharov for Magnitsky. I have fundamental differences with him and would not like to comment on it. Ivan Genov is also a member of the BSP. They are undisputed professionals,” Merdzhanov commented on the inclusion of BSP members in the new list of those sanctioned under the Global Magnitsky Law.

According to him, the “Magnitsky” law is among the political instruments of US influence.

How to present a party in the elections, after 2 months before the elections it excludes its people’s representatives, acting ministers, mayors, municipal councilors and so on. In my opinion, the result will be worse than that of the last election. With the new project in left space also in place, which will also take us more people, I don’t think we will have a better result.

“I hope they won’t expel me after this participation, but I’m still part of the BSP,” added the socialist.

He does not think that the Istanbul Convention is a threat to Bulgarian society. “She was conveniently used by Ninova,” Merdzhanov said.

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