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At these airports you run the most risk of cancellation or delay

The figures on the number of delayed and canceled flights at European airports come from Hoppera booking site that researched online travel dates.

In the first week of July, when it was also very busy at Schiphol and flights were cancelled, the situation at more European airports turned out to be chaotic. Similarly, the British Heathrow . airport offered apologies to for crowds and delays.

Brussels scores worst

Most delayed flights departed from Brussels (72 percent). This was followed by Frankfurt (68 percent), Eindhoven (67 percent) and the British airport Luton, near London (66 percent).

Schiphol is in eighth place when it comes to the number of delayed flights (61 percent).

The numbers are not entirely new. In a letter to parliament Earlier this month, Minister Mark Harbers (Infrastructure and the Environment) wrote that only 25 to 50 percent of the aircraft departed from Schiphol on time in the last week of June.

Frankfurt many cancellations

According to Hopper, Schiphol scores particularly poorly when it comes to the number of cancellations. In the first days of this month, 5.2 percent of all aircraft were cancelled. Only Frankfurt scores worse, where 7.8 percent of all planes were cancelled.

Many smaller airports in Europe score better. Front runners are the airports of the Italian Bergamo, the Spanish Gran Canaria and Otopeni, the airport of Bucharest.

The number of cancellations and delays is expressed by Hopper as a percentage of the total number of flights, so at larger airports also many more travelers are affected by disruptions than at small airports.

Fly on Monday or Tuesday

For travelers who want to avoid crowds, the booking site has another tip: fly on Monday or Tuesday. Then flights are not only cheaper, but fewer aircraft are delayed or cancelled.

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