At the Mulhouse court. Thirty-four burglaries, six convictions

Not far from about fifteen burglaries committed in a very short time, at the end of September-beginning of October 2018, in Wittelsheim and Lutterbach, in homes often close to a stop of the Mulhouse-Thann tram-train line: here is the point start of the investigation which was worth six men – five Albanians and one Alsatian – aged 24 to 38 years to be tried for criminal conspiracy and aggravated theft, this Thursday in the court of Mulhouse.

The gendarmes will quickly discover two first clues: a telephone number written on a leaf fallen near a burgled house, a telephone which turns out to be used by burglars; a stamped tram-train ticket in Mulhouse, found among stolen objects abandoned in the forest in Wittelsheim. From there, they will “pull the threads”, as relates …


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