Astronomers Discover New Planet LHS 3154 B, Breaking the Theory of Planet and Star Formation – Astronomers have been shocked again by the discovery of a new planet that challenges scientific understanding.

Quoted from Space on Sunday (3/12), astronomers have discovered a massive extrasolar planet or ‘exoplanet’ orbiting a very cool dwarf star.

The existence of the planet, named LHS 3154 b, has shaken scientists’ theories about the formation of planets and planetary systems.

The research by a team of astronomers was published in the journal Science on Thursday (30/11).

Located about 51 light years from Earth, LHS 3154 b is 13 times larger than Earth and equivalent to the mass of the ice giant Neptune in the human solar system.

However, the planet orbits a small dwarf star, LHS 3154, which has nine times less mass than the planet.

The mass ratio between LHS 3154 b and its star is 100 times greater than the mass ratio between the Earth and the Sun.

This is something that researchers consider impossible.

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Therefore, this is the first discovery that a planet with such a mass has been discovered orbiting a smaller star in the universe.

“This discovery really confirms how little we know about the universe,” said Suvrath Mahadevan, a Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at Penn State University.

“We didn’t expect there to be a planet this big around a low mass star,” he continued.

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