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Asks infected trace their own close contacts – VG

ASSISTANT MUNICIPAL SUPERVISOR: Jørn Ossum in Ringerike municipality. Photo: Private

Following a major outbreak in Ringerike municipality, the infection tracking capacity has exploded.

Young people who have been to a party are now asked to take the trace of infection into their own hands.

– We are not able to follow up all close contacts to the extent we want. Therefore, we ask the infected themselves to inform their close contacts.

Assistant municipal chief physician Jørn Ossum in Ringerike municipality told VG on Friday morning.

He says that the municipality on Friday has 50 cases of infection that they can trace back to parties that have been held in the last week.

In addition, at least ten cases of infection have been registered in the neighboring municipalities that can be traced back to the same parties.

– We are talking about young people from 17 to the early 20s, says Ossum.

It was NRK who first mentioned the case.

“Have you been to a party – take a test”

According to the municipal superior, the number of close contacts to the infected will soon be up to 500.

– Then the capacity to track down, call and get them tested begins to approach the limit of what we have the resources for, he admits.

Ossum encourages all young people who have been to parties in the last week to get tested. He says that some young people have submitted lists with up to 40 close contacts.

– Now Ringerike, together with Hole, Jevnaker, lunne and Gran has issued a joint press release where the message is: “Have you been to a party – take a test”.

Considering local measures

If the infection pressure increases in the near future, the municipality is ready to introduce local restrictions.

– We are considering introducing local regulations with restrictions on how many can be gathered, but have not yet decided on this.

To prevent the outbreak from getting out of control, the municipality opens the test station throughout the weekend so that young people can drop by for a drop-in test. The municipality also receives help from the Red Cross to have enough crews to carry out the testing.

Ask young people to drop party this weekend

Both people who have been infected before and people who have been fully vaccinated have been infected in the last outbreak, the assistant municipal chief informs.

– We are working on as before and have a certain overview. It’s not completely out of control. But it is clear that we are dealing with a more aggressive variant, probably delta.

Ossum emphasizes that it is important that the situation is taken seriously.

– We also encourage young people to drop party plans this weekend.

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