As of 12:30 PM, KOSPI has a buying advantage at 36:64, and the industry with the strongest buying trend is the electrical and electronics industry (0.05%↓).

As of 12:30 pm on the 7th, KOSPI was down 3.68p (-0.15%) from the previous day to 2491.70, recording a buying advantage of 36 (sell):64 (buy). (※Buying ratio (%)=purchase balance/total balance*100, buying advantage=buying ratio>selling ratio)

Weak industries steel and metal industry(-1.93%), telecommunication industry(-1.37%), Food and beverage industry(-1.16%), and the strong industry is Electricity and gas industry(+2.63%), pharmaceutical industry(+0.73%), paper wood industryIt is (+0.17%). On the supply and demand side Electrical and electronics industryThis shows a strong buying advantage at 26:74, Electricity and gas industryis recording a strong sell advantage of 75:25.

Looking at the trends by investors, both individuals and foreigners are showing a buying trend, but they are being pushed out by the ‘selling’ trend of institutions. Individuals are net buying 203 billion won, foreigners are net buying 38.6 billion won, and institutions are net selling 247.7 billion won.

By item TY Holdings Woo (36328K)is up 29.94% to 13,150 won, Yuyu Pharmaceutical 1woo (000225)(+29.93%), Yuyu Pharmaceutical 2Woo B (000227)(+29.75%) is showing an upward trend, while Chesis (033250)(-8.32%), YG PLUS(037270)(-7.98%), STX(011810)(-7.40%) and others are falling.

Currently, there are 515 declining stocks and 360 rising stocks, including 3 stocks that have reached the upper limit.

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2023-12-07 03:30:14
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