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Artem Dovbik: Transfer Rumors, Price Tag, and Club Interest

Last summer, Artem Dovbik could become a player for Shakhtar or Dynamo. In any case, Dnepr-1 was ready to sell it to one of its competitors – albeit at a higher price. According to journalist Igor Burbas, on the domestic market the club asked for 15 million euros for him.

For Dynamo, this option was prohibitive, Burbas writes in his Telegram channel:

“In Kyiv, on the contrary, the club budget was reduced and no one was willing to pay more than 2 million for a transfer in modern times.”

With Shakhtar, he paints a slightly different situation:

“The Pitmen’s management then believed that the price tag was overheated, and Dovbik was not worth that much. Then, perhaps, he was not worth it. However, now only Transfermarkt estimates Dovbik at 28 million euros net. And on the free market for him, all 40 million Girona is already calm can ask. True, a third of the amount will have to be shared with Midtjylland. The Danes believed in Artem’s progress and took less in cash, but more in interest for resale.”

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