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The beginning of July opened its doors for the fourth consecutive year. Gallery 18 in The Port of Santa Maria. A unique initiative carried out by the organizer and artist Johnny Domínguez, under the direction of Poppy Garduño, and offering until August 29 a total of eight exposures with wide versatility.

In this sample are exposed pictorial works with very varied techniques such as oil, acrylic or watercolor. In sculpture Bronze pieces predominate, although they are also made of wood and recycled materials. In Photography it is committed to formats where the aesthetic and decorative sense prevails.

In addition to these three great artistic disciplines, the exhibition includes the Jewel Design with the creations of Rocío Porres. As a novelty in this edition, the handcrafted bindings scored by Ana de Villota.

From the line-up of artists this season, it is worth highlighting the exhibitions by Rocío Pérez Noguera, Rocío Aguado, May Amian, Jaime Gil Arevalo, Javier Grandes, and of course, the classics of this showroom such as Pelayo Domecq, Luis Gómez Macpherson, Pía Gaytán by Ayala, Rocío Porres and Johnny Domínguez. All of them artists who present large collections with very diverse, decorative and avant-garde pieces.

Set of sculptures that are exhibited in this artistic exhibition of Puerto Sherry – Gallery 18

If for something it is distinguished Gallery 18 is to cover a wide variety of styles and to offer affordable works for all budgets. Any art fan or lover knows that in this gallery you will find pieces with a high artistic value belonging to both novice artists as established.

An exhibition hall that has managed to create a unique environment where not only works are exhibited, but also a personalized attention to the artists and those who visit the gallery. They offer advisory services, make it possible to meet the authors and most importantly, every week Gallery 18 surprises with new works, both classic and contemporary.

Portuense art epicenter

In the first week of august, the exhibition will host the works of the painter M. Domarco, Julia Carrillo De Mendoza, Yela Álvarez Ariza, Rocío Aguado and @ElJardinero. The second week, from August 9 to 15Along with the Rocío Porres jewels, visitors will be able to enjoy the pictorial work of the local artist Marina Castenalotti and the creators Luis Gómez Macpherson, Humberto Ybarra and Zenaida Pablo-Romero.

During the third week of august, Gallery 18 exhibits the works of Marianela Ruiz, Javier Grandes, Almudena Díaz-Casariego, Rafael Terry, and the photographs of Pía Gaytán de Ayala. The end point to programming this showroom of Puerto Sherry It will be put on by the works of Enriqueta Cañete, Fernando Florez, Eduardo Marqués, Pilar G. García-Mier and painters from Pintaenjiloca.

Visitors to the showroom in Puerto Sherry
Visitors to the showroom in Puerto Sherry – Gallery 18

One landmark of art on the Cádiz province what have you found in The Port of Santa Maria the ideal space to accommodate representative artists from Madrid, Seville and the entire province of Cadiz. Puerto Sherry offers a unique environment, with a great influx of tourists and leisure, the perfect space for this cultural activity.

The list of the most representative artists who have exhibited throughout these four editions It has been very broad, but it is worth highlighting very relevant artists such as Luis Gómez Macpherson, Juan Ariza, Zenaida Pablo-Romero, Sol de la Cuadra Salcedo, Pelayo Domecq, Rocío Porres, Nacho Fal or Humberto Ybarra, among others.

Gallery 18 is in the Puerto Sherry marina of The Port of Santa Maria and every week until August 29 you can enjoy a different exhibition open to the public from 7pm to 11pm.

A whole amalgam of possibilities to conquer the in love with art that is exceeded every year in the quality of your programming and what has become A must for the Porto summer.

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