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Armnsk premir nevid vyhldky after diplomatick a sporu o Nhorn Karabakh | Svt

Jerevan/Baku Army Prime Minister Nikol Painjan said that the conflict over Nhorn Karabakh was not diplomatic in this phase for a long time. The compromise that his country would accept is unacceptable to the Zerbid side of the dispute, he said, according to the TASS agency. Turkey promised its hundred vice president to send troops to help zerbjdnu if Baku for military support under.


All those hopes and suggestions that you need to find a diplomatic unit, we must consider the situation over for the given situation. We have always said that we are ready to solve the problem of compromise. But what is acceptable to the military side is not acceptable to the military, Painjan said in a note he published on the Internet.


Painjan thus called on the people to take up arms, because according to him, only with weapons in hand can an acceptable resolution of the conflict be achieved. N gave progress – it is a struggle and to the end, in the name of the first of our people. No matter what happens, we must fight for our first nation. Due to the position of zerbjdn, it means first of all to take up arms and stand up for the homeland. With an effective organization, we can achieve an acceptable diplomatic unit, said the military government according to the Interfax agency.

According to him, he is currently not allowed to agree with him other than with the surrender of the military separatists, who control Nhorn Karabakh. You know what that would mean, the Army Prime Minister added.

According to the AFP agency, Painjan admitted that the situation at the front is quite high from the point of view of military separatists from Nhorn Karabakh, and called on representatives of cities and municipalities, political parties, civic organizations and the business community to create volunteer units to help compatriots. It’s either a lie, or a joke, nothing else. To win, we all need to create a unit of volunteers, declaring that he will return the battle to the battle of his last task.

Turkey will not rush to send troops and provide military support to Zerbjdn if Baku reports, Turkish vice president Fuat Oktay said on television. He added that she has not heard enough before. Turkey has given it two full solidarity with Zerbjdn and accused the Army of occupying Zerbjdn land, Reuters reported. In an interview, Oktay criticized the so-called Minsk group of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which, under the leadership of France, Russia and the United States, was trying to mediate a negotiated settlement of the conflict; according to the Turkish vice president

The dispute over the Nhorn Karabakh – an enclave in the southwestern Zerbjdn with a strong military population – persists between the Arni and the Zerbjdn for decades. An armed conflict broke out in 1988 to go beyond the Soviet Union. Nhorn Karabach, with the support of Armnie, broke away from the zerbjdn in a bloody wolf, which she estimated at 30,000 dead, which resulted in hundreds of fugitives. At present, Nhorn Karabach and the Lainsk Corridor were located under the military control of Armnie. zerbjdn considers this country to be occupied. At the same time, the fighting, which broke out on the 27th, has been considered the worst since the 1990s and has cost hundreds of deaths.


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