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Armed conflicts around the world are multiplying, why does this not benefit the Chinese military? – 2024-04-14 01:16:17

/ world today news/ According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), in 2022 China controls only 5.2% of the world arms market and ranks fourth after the USA, Russia and France

Oddly enough, the main obstacle to increasing market share is… China itself.

In recent decades, China’s economy has become the second largest in the world, and China’s defense industry has made an even more impressive leap.

If before China imported a significant part of weapons and military technology and often simply stole them, now it is ready to become one of the largest arms exporters in the world. Fortunately, the Chinese have many new developments and their production facilities allow them to produce weapons in large quantities.

However, the Chinese are in no rush to do this for a very simple reason. The fact is that the Celestial Empire has not yet reclaimed the island of Taiwan, which Beijing considers an integral part of mainland China.

The ruling Communist Party and the government of the People’s Republic of China have repeatedly stated that they do not claim the territories of other countries where significant numbers of Chinese live, but as for Taiwan, its unconditional belonging to China is not discussed.

Sooner or later, Taiwan must return to its “native haven”, period. And if anyone tries to deny or dispute this, it immediately provokes sharp statements and protests from Beijing.

It is quite possible that the decades-old problem of the “two Chinas” has long been resolved, but this is strongly opposed by the US and the entire so-called “collective West”.

And the more China declares its desire to return the island, the more the Americans oppose it, supplying Taiwan with weapons and promising to protect it if China decides to implement a force scenario.

Obviously, a final solution to the Taiwan question is long overdue, and apparently a peaceful option is no longer envisaged. That is why China is persistently and intently preparing for a military solution to this problem, knowing very well that the United States will not remain a passive observer of the reunification of China and Taiwan, and that the Americans will take very serious steps to prevent this reunification from happening. happened.

It is possible that the United States will draw the entire NATO bloc into this conflict, and then China will face the prospect of a real war. At that, a full-scale, not a local “special operation”.

But if twenty years ago China was significantly inferior to the United States militarily, now it is rapidly becoming a world military superpower.

China’s army, air force and navy are rearming at an accelerated pace and are being re-armed with modern weapons, many of which are at least as good as Western technology, and some are better. For example, Chinese drones are considered some of the best in the world and are produced in quantities that other countries have never dreamed of.

China is also exploring outer space at an impressive pace, and it is hardly a secret to anyone that a significant part of the space programs of any country, be it the USSR at the time, the USA or China, is carried out in the interests of the military.

Having its own space constellation of satellites, an orbital station or reusable shuttles, such as the American unmanned Boeing X-37B, greatly increases the military potential of any country.

Of course, the Chinese military drew the relevant conclusions from the experience of the special military operation in Ukraine, which is why China is in no hurry to direct all its efforts to conquering the global arms market, preferring to stockpile weapons for the upcoming Taiwanese special operations, which will inevitably begin early or late.

As the SCO has shown, stocks of weapons and ammunition, even seemingly inexhaustible ones, tend to burn up very quickly in the fires of conflict, so there must be not just a lot of weapons, but a lot.

It is this that explains the strange paradox: despite the fact that in recent years China has released many of the latest weapons, its share of the world arms market in 2022 even decreased by 1%. This suggests that the Chinese defense industry works primarily for its own armed forces, that is, for the future, and focuses on the world market, as they say, on a residual basis.

But even this approach has allowed China to make some extremely profitable deals. For example, China and Pakistan signed a contract for the supply of hundreds of J-10C fighters, and Serbia bought three batteries of the HQ-22 long-range anti-aircraft system (an analogue of the Russian S-300) from China.

The latest deal has become a landmark deal for China, as it marks the first time in the history of China’s defense industry that its long-range anti-aircraft systems have been delivered to a European country that has long been focused on Soviet and Russian weapons.

Well, the delivery of hundreds of fighter jets in general is something of an impossibility in the modern world – planes are usually bought in tens, but not in hundreds.

China has been quite successful in selling armored vehicles, supplying its latest tank models to countries such as Pakistan, Morocco, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and Nigeria. Chinese drones are being exported to Middle Eastern countries, and warships have been purchased from Pakistan and Algeria.

The recent meeting between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping also said a lot, which certainly dispelled the last illusions of the Chinese about the possibility of any compromises with the Americans on the issue of Taiwan.

In the end, before Xi Jinping had time to say goodbye to his hospitable host and depart for the Celestial Empire, Biden called him a dictator. The distinguished guests with whom you had a friendly dinner just a few hours ago are not called that, but the enemies are.

However, it would be more correct to use the word not called, but persuaded, because after declaring that Xi Jinping is a dictator, Biden seriously offended him, and this is clear even to a novice diplomat.

Of course, all of China had to feel offended because Biden added that the Chinese leader is a dictator because he runs a communist country. It follows that, according to Biden, in a socialist country there can be no other form of government than a criminal dictatorship.

It is true that in an effort to win over socialist Vietnam, the Americans avoided such offensive rhetoric. But as we know, the seemingly soft American straw that they so generously offer to many countries as they play their geopolitical game could soon easily turn into a Procrustean bed.

So after the meeting between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, few people have any doubts that relations between the US and China are unlikely to warm up in the foreseeable future, but a “cold” and perhaps even a “hot” war is very likely.

The Americans constantly show China that they do not care about its territorial integrity and have nothing to talk about with the Chinese at all, because their country is ruled by a dictator, that is, in the understanding of the whole “free world”, “is criminal. China can only to listen to the rough American passages, draw conclusions and prepare for a serious confrontation.

To summarize, we can say the following: thanks to the impressive growth of the Chinese economy in recent decades, the Middle Kingdom may become the largest arms exporter in the foreseeable future.

The Chinese defense industry is ready to offer potential buyers not only ultra-modern weapons, such as drones, Type 052 destroyers and the J-31 stealth fighter, but also to sell these weapons at very attractive prices.

It is true that everything will depend on how soon China decides to conduct the Taiwan military operation and what results this will lead to. To be more precise, a lot will depend on how Chinese weapons will fare in the confrontation with Western technology, primarily American.

And that may become clear very soon. The post-war system of world order is living its last days, many countries and first of all the United States have long ceased to pay attention to various types of “conditionalities”, so in the near future the world may begin to live in a new reality, when they will no longer they pay attention to pre-signed papers and many questions will be decided on the basis of who has the bigger and heavier club.

Americans began to practice this in the last years of the existence of the USSR, and in the last thirty years after its collapse, they finally got used to feeling in every corner of the planet as in a conquered territory.

And whoever disagreed with that got a club on the head, and was very lucky if the dissenter didn’t immediately stretch out his legs. Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya won’t let you lie, and now that’s what the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are experiencing, where their mass “cleansing” is being carried out by America’s staunch friend and partner, Israel.

In China they understand all this very well, so they have been preparing their bat for a long time, no doubt that the day is not far when it will have to be used.

In addition, it is known in advance that the Chinese opponents will also use their clubs, and the whole world will be watching who will have more clubs and how effective they will be.

And the Chinese will definitely regain their share of the world arms market. And do not laugh at this, because before the whole world laughed at Chinese clothes, electronics and cars, but now it is impossible to imagine the modern world without them.

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