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Arisa, naked and beautiful, only covers herself with gloves for the new single

It is a new version – but not too much – that which Arisa showed his fans on the cover of the latest single, out on July 7: the artist wanted to literally and spiritually get nakedshowing a wonderful body and a pain hidden in her soul, which she had to deal with until she was able to reach a new balance.

Arisa gets naked: the amazing photo

This is a very important time for Arisa, with his career coming to a turning point (and not only that, apparently). On Instagram he wanted to publish a preview the cover of her new single, a few hours before its release: it is a shot full of sensuality that leaves very little to the imagination, without falling into vulgar at all. The singer has chosen a deliberately provocative portrait, which sees her protagonist in a look total nude – with the exception of a pair of long black latex gloves. Four gloved hands, including his own, cover that intimacy that, especially on social media, could never pass censorship.

Ed it is simply wonderful: finally sure of herself and her body (also with its new look), ready to accept herself in all her splendor, in love with what is hidden in a soul that has been too troubled. For some time now Arisa has learned to embrace her forms by throwing body positive messages which helped us reflect – without disdaining a pinch of provocation. But this time she went further, and her almost completely naked physique on display has decided to add an unpublished story of his frailtiesnow transformed into courage and willpower.

“Everything changes, transforms, and also love now vibrates at a different frequency. Time heals and shows you the true nature of things if you don’t stop “- he revealed in the caption of his beautiful cover -” My heart went through a very hard period for the first time in my life, I shed many tears and fought with he stares at her with an idea that has stolen my smile for months. A circular thought, made up of sleepless nights, as if I had a strange fever that took away my hunger and desire for everything. I’m better now ”.

Arisa, her love suffered

Le Arisa’s words they are mysterious, but they hint at how much he suffered from matters of the heart. “I realized that I had never felt true love before and I found myself capable of giving so much. I don’t care about the outcome. I am proud of myself and I would do it again a thousand times “- explained the artist, then giving an unprecedented vision of what his new song contains -“you my downfall tells the story of my love, which no longer gives in to pain, but neither does it dissolve. It remains inside and fortifies, renews, shows the way “.

No name, only the labor of a wounded soul that now has an extra scar – but also so much strength he didn’t know he had. We can only imagine who these words are addressed to: in recent months Arisa has experienced a difficult back and forth with Vito Coppolawho had met last year a dancing with the Stars, finding in him a soul mate. Theirs was at first a friendship and then a very sweet romantic story, which however never really managed to take off. And maybe it is with him that the singer she managed to clarify her heartfor the first time like never before.

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