Arikomban’s Trunk Wound: Treatment and Habitat Controversy Discussed by Ganesh Kumar MLA

‘Arikomban’s trunk wound should be treated. Some elephants don’t change habitats’

KB Ganesh Kumar, Arikompan | Photo: Mathrubhumi

Thiruvananthapuram: KB said that elephant lovers are behind bringing Arikompan to Trishanku Swarga, which is not in heaven or on earth. Ganesh Kumar MLA The wound on Katana’s torso is serious. It may have come from an encounter with a tiger. Arikomban came down to Kampam and Theni region because he was afraid of the tiger. Elephant lovers should be beaten first. What they are doing is very unfair. Ganesh Kumar also accused the elephant lovers of being fully responsible if the paddy trunk falls.

The wound on the trunk of rice stalk should be treated. Some elephants do not change habitats. If the tiger is again released in the sanctuary, it will return to the inhabited area after hearing the sound of the tiger. If the current trend goes, it is unlikely that rice will last much longer. Ganesh Kumar told Mathrubhumi News that the matter will be over by the time the court verdict comes.

‘Arikompan drank water sometime 33 hours ago. Only the elephant and Lord God know when the water has been drunk. There is no point in scooping water outside. Dehydration causes the elephant to collapse. If you wait for the court order, the elephant will go down. While being taken in the car, it is getting faint again and again. A higher dose has been given than in Kerala. Otherwise the elephant will not sleep from this scorching sun’, pointed out Ganesh Kumar.

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Because the elephant cannot stand behind the ambulance, it goes sitting. If you sit down, you will lie down. If you lie down, you will not be able to get up, you will be prone. That is why the elephant is beaten and made to stand up. The elephant traveled 250 km in Perumve from the cart. The people behind this are the traitors who filed the case. Now, apart from the sky and the earth, the mute creature has been stopped in the trishangu heaven. A tired elephant will not drink water. The whole trunk is tired. MLA asked whether it is possible to give water to an elephant like bottle milk. asked

‘The wound seen on the trunk is not a small wound. I bet it was a fight with a tiger. It’s not just a fight with a jackfruit. There was no wound on the trunk when he was taken away that day. The elephant did not enter the tiger sanctuary because it was chasing the tiger. That’s why the elephant did not turn back from Theni and come to Thekkady side despite making so much noise. Last seen in Kumali. An elephant will fight with a tiger at Kumali. That one is running in fear. Its psychology should be understood. It is mute. Can we do it this way?’, Ganesh Kumar asked.

Can this type of work be called animal love? Aren’t elephants traitors now? Raise slogans, collect… They should be beaten first. Great injustice is being done. Orana should be given water at least five times a day. It is that elephant that has been sitting in the hot summer without water or food for the last 30-32 hours. If the court says not to open it, the drugs will hit again. Its muscles are weakened. If the elephant falls, the elephant lovers will be fully responsible. The wound on its trunk is deep. The wound should be treated. Ganesh Kumar said that if he hears the tiger’s voice, it will come back again.

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‘Some elephants don’t adapt to habitats. The most practical reform was introduced earlier by the Kerala Forest Department. However, it is broken by these people who call themselves elephant lovers. I thought that the Tamilnadu forest department would also catch the elephant and make it into a cow. The elephant will also come out of the forest at the opening. This elephant has a good relationship with humans. P.T. Seven is an elephant used to seeing humans. It quickly adapted to the human. Within three days all instructions are obeyed. There is no harm in doing Kunkiana, one gets food four times a day. You will get care, you will be bathed’, claimed Ganesh Kumar.

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