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Argentine star Thomas Karlovic dies after being violently assaulted

According to press reports, the former Argentine player, Thomas Karlovic, died after an assault that stole his bike.

The 74-year-old, who was ranked as one of the best Argentinian players in history, had deposited the intensive care unit and entered into a coma, after receiving a blow on the head of a young man who stole his bike the day before yesterday in Rosario (his hometown), before announcing his death today Friday.

“It was a symbol for us. We are very touched today. I still whenever I go to the football fields in Buenos Aires, they ask me about him because of things he has done since 40 years ago, he really deserved to turn into a legend. “

Karlovic, the owner of Croatian origins nicknamed “El trinche”, meaning the Spanish fork, began his professional career at the end of 1960 with the team Rosario Central and then moved to Flandria, and in 1972 he moved to the Club Central Cordoba, where he spent many of his life and became a symbol of him.

One of the famous statements of Argentine football legend Diego Maradona when joining the ranks of Newell’s Old Boys, the traditional rival of Rozario in 1993 when he asked who do you think is the best player in the world?
Maradona then replied: “The best player in the world who actually played in Rosario, was Karlovic.”

Last February, Karlovic met Maradona face-to-face for the first time, and Maradona told him that he was better than him, but Karlovic replied, “Diego, now I can leave this world in peace. I was the greatest thing I have ever seen.”

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