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Arda Turan Fraud Case: Seçil Erzan Investigation and Audio Recording Details

Investigations are continuing against former Denizbank Branch Manager Seçil Erzan, who is alleged to have defrauded many people by offering high interest rates. The case file also includes a voice recording of football player Arda Turan, who lost a significant amount of money to Erzan.

It is understood that Turan, who is trying to save his money from Seçil Erzan, is extremely disturbed by the situation in his conversation with his brother Okan Turan. According to the documents in the file, Turan’s brother played this recording to Seçil Erzan. Erzan was also disturbed by Turan’s words. According to the recordings, while Arda got angry and said “I will do what is necessary”, Erzan, who listened to this recording, said in panic: “He is very nervous. He wouldn’t call anyone, right?” he said.

In the audio recording dated March 10, 2023, Arda Turan uses the following statements:

“Brother, I was told this just because I talk too much. Just because I’m being talked about, it’s a bit too much, you know, handle it like this. Manage it. We’re being murmured. We’re being murmured. He says ‘He’. He cries. He moves on from the topic, gets what he wants, and ends it. He thinks I’m I will not do anything. I swore on my children. I will do what is necessary. Do you understand? It is over for me. The matter is closed.


I’ll get this sorted. I ask you to talk to him. Let him give us all the ISIN codes and signed papers in writing. I will have documentation from now on. I… I’m going to do it very badly. I was not the man to fall into such situations. That’s all I’m saying. I talked a little too much because it’s too much like that. Oh, it happens like this, it happens like that. I’ll show him what to do.”


Erzan, who listened to this audio recording, sent a message to Okan Turan saying, “What will we do, Okan? I’m very sorry.” While Okan Turan was reassuring Erzan by saying, “We’ll work on it a bit. We’ll calm him down,” Erzan panicked and said, “He’s very nervous. He wouldn’t call anyone, right?” said.

Arda Turan is one of the people who lost the most money to Erzan. It was claimed that Turan first gave 3 million dollars, after a while he earned 1 million dollars from the principal, and again gave the money to Erzan by selling land. Turan took a loan of 33 million TL from the bank and gave it to Seçil Erzan. In his later statements, Turan said that this money was one-tenth of his wealth.

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