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Arctic introduces Freezer 50 processor cooler with RGB LEDs for 60 euros – Computer – News

Arctic releases its Freezer 50 CPU cooler. This cooler has two fans and a dual tower design. The manufacturer also provides this cooler with argb LEDs. The Freezer 50 is available through Arctic and carries a suggested retail price of 60 euros.

Of Freezer 50 comes with a 140mm fan and a 120mm fan, which rotate at maximum speed of 1700 and 1800 rpm respectively and feature a fluid dynamic-lower. The cooler has further six heatpipes with a diameter of 6mm. The manufacturer reports that memory dimms with a maximum height of 37.5mm fit compatible under the cooler.

Arctic provides the Freezer 50 with a black design with argb LEDs. These LEDs can be connected to motherboards via an argb header. The lighting is controlled via software from ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte and MSI. For an additional cost of ten euros, Arctic also supplies a separate argb controller, with which the LEDs can also be controlled on systems with a motherboard without an argb header.

The Freezer 50 comes with Arctics MX-4 thermal paste. The cooler is compatible with socket AM4 from AMD and all recent Intel sockets from LGA-1155. The Freezer 50 has dimensions of 148×149.5x166mm and weighs 1160 grams. The cooler is available via the Arctic website and costs 60 euros there.

Arctic previously came up with the Freezer 50 TR. That cooler shows great similarities with the new Freezer 50, but is only suitable for the Threadripper CPUs in the high-end desktop segment of AMD. The Threadripper edition has a larger heatsink for the CPU, has two extra heatpipes, and has the same suggested retail price of 60 euros.

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