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Apple’s new ‘competitive price subscriptions’ are ready to go

Anyone who uses several services from the iPhone group can save money in the future.

Even before Apple launched its video streaming offer Apple TV+
started, there were rumors that the iPhone group would in future turn its subscription services into a kind Would like to bundle “Super-Abo”
. Those who use several services at the same time should have to pay less. Now these speculations are getting new fodder. Allegedly, Apple wants to offer various subscriptions as early as autumn 2020, in which several services of the US group are bundled.

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“Apple One” starts with the iPhone 12

The new information comes from Bloomberg. According to the financial news agency, the package offers (internal name “Apple One”) should start as early as October 2020 – together with the new ones iPhone 12 models
that this year yes a little late
. The video streaming (Apple TV +) and music streaming service ( Apple Music
) must be included. In addition, customers should have the option of other services such as the gaming subscription Arcade
or add the online storage space to iCloud. So Apple is flexible here.

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New fitness subscription

In addition to the well-known services, Apple is planning a completely new offer, according to Bloomberg. This should be a fitness subscription. This should give users access to professional online fitness courses.

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Cost savings

With the new subscription offers, Apple wants to make its in-house services even tastier for its customers. The iPhone group earns more and more money with these. In the last quarter they already generated sales of $ 13.2 billion. Only the iPhone brought in more money for the group. All other products already rank behind the services division. Depending on the subscription chosen, customers should be able to save between 2 and 5 euros per month, according to Bloomberg. Apple Music currently costs 10 euros per month, Apple TV + costs 5 euros. In the future, “only” 13 euros per month could be due for both services together.

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