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The epic battle in the American courts between Epic and Apple is still going on, even if it has recently slipped a bit out of focus. The date for the final hearing has now been set and Apple is not the favorite here.

Apple and Epic are still arguing about whether Apple can design its App Store in such a way that the use of alternative payment services is excluded – a question that many regulators are currently discussing. A date for the final hearing has now been set.

On October 21, the competent court in San Francisco will hear the lawyers from Apple and Epic, and representatives of the Department of Justice may also have their say.

Apple doesn’t have an easy task

Also in attendance will be 35 state attorneys general, each of whom are more pro-Epic than Observers write. The judge responsible, Yvonne Gonzalez-Rogers, had made no secret of the fact that she was more inclined to follow Epic’s position.

So Apple will have trouble winning the case. Both parties will each have 20 minutes to present their position – not much, but the judge has previously said the case is becoming too large and has repeatedly urged litigants to downsize their filings.
However, this is only the end of the hearing before the US state court in California. It is almost certain that the loser will appeal to the Supreme Court, which should herald the next round of this case.

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