Apple releases Beats Fit Pro in the Netherlands and Belgium for 230 euros – Image and sound – News

How do these compare to the Apple Airpods Pro apart from the fit? Looks like the same specs, with the Beats Fit Pro having +-1.5 hours extra battery life, although you may not be able to compare those 2 values ​​1 to 1 because the situation in which that applies (e.g. with/without transparency) is not. is called.

Curious why Beats (Apple) has opted for a different fit/way here and whether they will continue to implement this in the long term. I have had Airpods Pro since 2 months, but with all three attachments they fall out of my ears after some time. I also have Bose Sleepbuds 2, they stay in place much better and the design is almost identical to this Beats Fit Pro.

The positioning of Beats in the market is probably mainly different, but curious about further reviews and a comparison between these 2 variants of the same brand.

By the way, the logo looks more like a 6 instead of a b because of the way it is displayed, or am I the only one who had to blink a few times to recognize the b of beats in it?

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