Apple may have a problem with a 10-year-old boy. He issued an appeal to the company. “The case is getting media attention”

Is there a chance that the boy’s request will be listened to and the popular emoticon will be redesigned? It is unknown. However, the boy explains that he feels sad and depressed. He hopes that thousands of people will follow his example and that the company will take some stand on the issue.

A 10-year-old boy, Teddy, living in Great Britain, is a fan of the technological giant – Apple. However, he doesn’t like the look of one popular emoticon, which he believes is “absolutely terrible for people who wear glasses.” and at the same time deepens the stereotype of a nerd, which is harmful to such people. The boy wasn’t going to stay silent. He spoke up, explained his position and presented his requirements to the company.

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A few-year-old wants to publicize the problem. He hopes that thousands of other people around the world will follow his example.

It is not known whether on his own or with the help of his parents, 10-year-old Teddy went to the BBC editorial office describing his problem. Well, the point is that the popular emoticon called “nerd face”, i.e. a combination of glasses with protruding front teeth, is supposed to closely resemble the face of the boy himself.

,, The boy does not want to be considered one and claims that Apple’s graphic design makes him feel sad and upset. That’s why he decided to publicize the topic, believing that if he finds emojis offensive, thousands of other people around the world will follow suit. Teddy didn’t end his request with just sappy words. He also created a drawing intended to present an alternative to the “nerd face”

The alternative differs from the original in that its glasses are round, the teeth are invisible, and only the shape of the smile is visible.

The case is starting to attract media attention. Perhaps the boy will finally get an answer from Apple’s management

The boy was encouraged to start his campaign by one of his school teachers. In her opinion, the boy is very intelligent for his age, he boldly and confidently expresses his opinion, so he should also do so in the case of demands made to Apple. At first, the boy shared his case on the school forum, now it is spreading throughout the city, and the editorial offices of some newspapers and portals are also starting to become interested in it. So far, the global giant has not commented, but perhaps the boy will get an answer when he tries to write to them directly or when the matter becomes even more media-related than before.


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