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Apple may be working on an Apple Watch strap that can change color

Apple has been granted a patent for a wristband concept smartwatch very innovative, in which the color of the Apple Watch strap would be controlled by an application. The USPTO filing describe an Apple Watch band capable of displaying icons, shapes and text, while changing the color of the wristband to signify things like notifications.

The concept imagines that the bracelet could offer these color-changing capabilities thanks to electrochromic elements passing through it, this material being able to react to small electrical currents.

As can be seen in one of the sketches of the patent, pictured above, Apple presents a system in which each of the three bands of the bracelet could be controlled independently – even going so far as to suggest in the background information of the filing that users might want to use this system to match the bracelet to their clothes.

« Users may wish to have the ability to customize their watch strap to express variety and style“, can we read in the patent.

« Some existing watches offer the user the possibility to remove and exchange different bracelets to personalize them. The embodiments described herein relate to watch straps that provide enhanced color adjustment capabilities ».

A simple patent

Of course, whether we will actually see such a strap hitting the market is another matter altogether. While that would certainly be an impressive feat, it’s unlikely that Apple would want to undermine its wristband collection with a versatile option – even if it’s one that can only be offered in a specific tissue.

Still, it’s an exciting concept, showing that the company is constantly thinking of new ways to make the Apple Watch more functional.

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