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Apple has started revamping the Apple Maps app in the Netherlands and Belgium, among other places. These innovations ultimately mean that the buildings are rendered in 3D, there will be a variant of Street View, and the speed limits of the road will be shown.

Image: / u / losipov

Apple seems to be introducing updated maps step by step; users to see card updates on some of their Apple devices. A user on Twitter reports who sees clearer outlines of buildings on the map and that “navigation looks very different”. A commentator below shows the Utrecht station area, complete with a three-dimensional model of Utrecht Central. In a topic on reddit someone shares a 3d view of the Atomium in Brussels and a bird’s eye view of Amsterdam.

In addition to the Benelux, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are now also equipped with the renewed Apple cards writes, among others, ‘Apple Maps blogger’ Justin O’Beirne. In areas where Apple Maps offers the most features, the app has 3D models with relatively detailed models and plotsnavigation, public transport navigation, augmented reality navigation, its Street View variant called Look Around and more.

The last image shows the same map in the old view of the previous image (images via @pindakaas_met, @Eddydekker and / u / losipov).

Apple has expanded what to expect from the Apple Maps update to WWDC 2022 (video begins at relevant timestamp).

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