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Apple AirPods Max 20K … What’s in the box?

Apple fans are drowning in excitement. The tech brand recently unveiled the AirPods Max, its first over-ear wireless headset, following the asteroid rise of its AirPods Earbuds and the launch of its new iPhone 12 series.

Tanisorn Wongsontorn / Time Out Bangkok

We got these new noise-canceling headphones and got them tested right away. Here is the bare minimum of our experience.


Like any other Apple product, the AirPods Max has a sleek, sleek, and minimal design and comes in subtle colors: space gray, silver, green, sky blue, and pink. Each unit comes in the same color with a slim smart case and can be charged with a USB-C to Lightning cable. According to Apple, the cable was not included in the box for “environmental” reasons.

Tanisorn Wongsontorn / Time Out Bangkok

The headband is made of stable and strong stainless steel and the woven mesh canopy, while the ear cushions are designed with soundproof memory foam. Apple claims that the elastic mesh in the headband helps distribute weight and reduces stress and ensures a more comfortable fit. But, as we’ve found, bulky AirPods Max don’t sit very comfortably on the head when worn for long periods of time.

Air Pods Max
Tanisorn Wongsontorn / Time Out Bangkok
Air Pods Max
Tanisorn Wongsontorn / Time Out Bangkok


We liked the ear pads. Each can be rotated 95 degrees, allowing for a nice and easy fit around the ear. After you connect the headphones to your Apple devices for the first time, AirPods Max automatically and instantly connects to the same device with each device.

AirPods Max can be used continuously for up to 20 hours on a single charge; For those who don’t want to carry laptop batteries, it’s a bonus, and it automatically switches to low-power mode, saving power when not in use. Airpods are easy to charge to the max. Plug the cable into the single Lightning port on the left side of the headphones. (However, you will need to purchase the cable first.)

The headphones also have a Digital Crown feature that lets you control volume, play or pause audio, skip tracks, answer and end calls, and activate Siri. Next to it is the power button, which also serves to activate the noise control ima noise cancellation for sound and transparency mode for external sound.

Air Pods Max
Tanisorn Wongsontorn / Time Out Bangkok

Sound test

Noise control is actually our favorite activity. This makes the AirPods Max easier to use than other headphones. You don’t need to turn down the volume or remove your headphones to hear the world around you. Press the button to switch from active noise cancellation to transparency mode, which receives sound from three microphones on each side of the headphones.

The sound coming through the AirPods Max is crisp, clean, and clear. You can hear every note, from deep bass to high frequencies. The spatial audio function provides a theater-like sound experience, so we highly recommend these headphones for recreational use, such as listening to music or watching movies.

The AirPods Max includes an on-site audio system that detects the movement of the user’s head as well as the movement of the device connected to it, ensuring excellent sound performance in any situation.

Air Pods Max
Tanisorn Wongsontorn / Time Out Bangkok


  • Premium design
  • High quality material
  • Get 20 hours of listening time
  • Best for recreational purposes
  • Very heavy
  • Airpods aren’t as portable as they say

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