Technology Apple advises against plastic webcam covers on laptops

Apple advises against plastic webcam covers on laptops


If the desire to protect yourself by hiding your webcam is understandable, apple brand does not recommend plastic covers, which could damage MacBook screens.

In a new page published in its section “Assistance”, The Cupertino company explains that once the computer is closed, the cover can damage the screen (a mishap experienced by a journalist on the MacGeneration site), because the space between the screen and the keyboard is not “not designed for this use.

Apple reminds that each webcam present on its MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro has a green light, which lights up when the camera is operating. “The camera is designed so that the green LED always lights up when the camera is activated. So you always know when your camera is activeSays the company.

Obviously, this will not be enough to convince the most paranoid, that’s why Apple also details the procedure to be followed in order to guarantee access to the webcam for only a handful of applications. To do this, simply go to System Preferences, then to Security and Confidentiality and then to Confidentiality. In the submenu “Camera”, you will access a list of applications, which you can select or deactivate.

And for all those who have no choice but to place a cache, or do not trust the security systems implemented by Apple and do not want to hide the webcam with a piece of sticky paper, the apple brand recommends a cover as thin as a sheet of paper (0.1 mm) and which does not tire of adhesive residue. If it is thicker, Apple simply recommends removing it before closing the computer.


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