APK for your cat? This is how you check it yourself

Check breathing

You can check your cat’s breathing yourself. The heart rate should be about 20 to 40 times per minute. If you count for 15 seconds and do 4 this time, you know the heart rate. Is your cat’s heart rate more than 40 times a minute? Then something is wrong and you still have to have him checked by a vet.

Checking nails

If your cat is walking on a hard surface and you can hear their nails ticking, they are too long. You should not hear these when they are walking. Time to trim the nails!

For this you have special cat nail scissors. Make sure you don’t cut the nails too short. In addition, make sure there are enough scratching facilities in the house, as cats also keep their nails short.


You can also check your cat’s teeth yourself. You can pay particular attention to the gums, this must be a nice pink.

Maintain weight

Piet recommends weighing your cat once a month. Do this by stepping on the scale once with your cat and times without. By measuring the difference you know how much your cat weighs. Has your cat arrived? Then make sure you feed less. Being overweight in cats can lead to heart problems or a balance disorder.

TIP: Did you know that cats like to sit high? Provide a warm place and preferably a view outside. They love that.


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