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Anumol Responds to Marriage Rumors with Actor Bineesh Bastin | Latest Updates


Anumol is a Malayalee’s favorite through her reality show. Anumol has many fans on social media as well. The news that Anu is going to get married to actor Bineesh Bastin was spreading in the social media. Now Anumol has responded to the marriage gossips. Anumol clarified that it is fake news that he and Bineesh are going to get married and Bineesh is getting married to another girl.

‘Neither Binishetan nor I. Bineshetan’s wedding is with another girl. Binishetan is my own brother. This kind of news is a problem for many people. Often such false news comes because of the captions given by some people. Some will understand the point by only watching the caption without watching the entire video or opening the link. No ordinary housewives are going to open the video and watch it. That’s why there are news like this.

Social media will be notified when the wedding takes place. I inform everyone about everything. Notify even relatives after you have been notified. I know you will come even if you don’t call.’ Anumol said. The actor also answers the question whether he will be a challenge for Honey Rose as he regularly attends the inaugurations. ‘Whatever inauguration I go to, I will pray that my sister’s name is not taken. If that one name comes up, you will see a caption in any media saying that it is a challenge for Honey Rose. Why are you doing this? They call me fondly. I am coming’ said Anu.

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