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Antonella Clerici: Family Expands and New Arrival Revealed

Antonella Clerici Ifood

Antonella Clerici, the beloved presenter, can’t stand it anymore. The family expands. Who is the new arrival.

The joy is truly strong and opens the hearts of its many, clearly including those of the first and very first hour. The splendid one Antonella Clerici it is in fact very ready to welcome with open arms the new arrival in the family. She smiles and has bright eyes. And above all she wants to share his immense joy with his audience.

An audience that is literally crazy about her and that follows her every day from Monday to Friday, exactly just before lunch time, on Rai 1 with It’s always midday. Here in the company of his trusted chef friends and some VIP, in the guise of his exquisite guest, gives us exquisite recipesfrom appetizer to dessert, to try then replicate in our kitchens.

Among other things, many of his collaborators have become in turn all-round television characters and have published several highly successful culinary volumes. Lorenzo Biagiarelli then he is also a traveler and an excellent writer as well as the life partner of one of the most pungent pens of Italian Journalism. We’re talking about the gorgeous Selvaggia Lucarelli.

Now she is once again very busy in the role of judge Dancing with the Stars where he is arguing wildly especially with Theo Mammucari, competitor of the Rai 1 dance program, hosted by the marvelous Milly Carlucci. Returning to Antonella, the presenter, who is among the most esteemed by Italians, is now on video with another program too.

Antonella Clerici is over the moon, the family is expanding

We are referring to The Voice Kids which after the great success achieved last year with its very first edition which aired for only two episodes, including the final, has returned to make us both entertain and dream in prime time on Friday evenings on Rai 1. This year as coaches we find veterans Loredana Bertè, Gigi D’Alessio and Clementino e la new entry Arisa.

Rosalba this is his real name at the registry office, he took the place of Riches and Poorsvery busy now with the Sanremo Festival 2024 as competitors in the race. There Clerics, despite being very busy with work, she still found the time to realize herself as a woman. She is very happy with hers today Vittorio Garrone and even more so after his family started to flood. Who is the new arrival.

Antonella Clerici Ifood

Become The Voice Seniorcastings are open

No, it’s not a new fur love for her even if it’s not excluded that sooner or later it won’t arrive given that she adores them and lives in a divine house in the woods. Let’s talk about the edition Senior di The Voice which should soon arrive in prime time on Rai 1. Castings are currently active to find it singing talents over 60.

It is not known whether the judges will be the same as the edition Kids or if there will be any changes. What is certain is that it will be done and that we will most likely be able to follow it in the spring. Meanwhile Antonella think beyond work, which is going swimmingly, to holidays and in particular to someone with a well-deserved rest that he will certainly spend in the company of his partner and his wife daughter Maelle.

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