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anti-vaccines are according to him “if not deserters, allies of the virus”

While some advocate the establishment of a vaccine obligation against Covid-19, others defend the freedom for each to determine if he wants to receive his dose of vaccine or not … Between these two camps, Bernard Kouchner made his choice. The politician and doctor believes that the Covid-19 vaccine should now be mandatory. “To wage this public health battle, it is our only ally. We will not succeed without these injections. We were lucky, in addition, to have effective vaccines quickly,” he analyzed in the columns of Sunday Newspaper, Sunday July 11, 2021. While only 52.75% of French people have received at least one dose of vaccine and 39.33% have had the double dose, the doctor wants more than ever to see these figures climb. “Public health demands it. And believe me, it will be done, with nuances at the beginning, perhaps, depending on the profession. Let us remember that in our country, PCR tests are free. We are generous, the individuals must be too “.

If his opinion is so clear it is because he thinks that the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic is a real war, as Emmanuel Macron announced at the start of the first confinement. For the former Minister of Health, people refusing to be vaccinated are therefore deserters, refusing to go to the front … “Those who face this virus choose to ‘fight’ individually are if not deserters at least allies of the virus. Vaccination (…)

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