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Anna is in a relationship with her uncle by marriage: “I feel very guilty”


In March 2020, Anna’s aunt passed away. The latter then approached her uncle by marriage to support him. Today, they are in a relationship and have recently been living together. Although she has no blood connection with him and is estranged from the rest of her family, whom she describes as destructive and disunited, Anna can’t help but feel guilty. At the microphone of Sabine Marin, on “La Libre antenna” of Europe 1, Anna confides to be particularly touched by the judgment of her mother who does not accept their relationship.

“I come from a totally disunited family. I have no contact with my aunts, uncles, cousins ​​and cousins. Me, I am absolutely not like that. It pains me because I tried to make parties and they never responded. My mother’s siblings had very difficult parents and cannot live in serenity. There is a lot of meanness, meanness and hypocrisy. We, the generation of children born in the 1980s, were separated from our cousins ​​and could not make any contacts It is a family without a family.

One of my aunts, my mom’s sister, had a degenerative disease. She lived for 20 years with this disease. She was a very beautiful woman who took great care of her. She could not bear to be dependent, especially on her husband. My aunt decided to be euthanized to free herself, because she was in a lot of pain, and to free her relatives, especially her husband. She made him promise before leaving to be happy at all costs.

They were pure feelings that we couldn’t restrain

It was in March 2020. During the confinement, I talked a lot with my uncle via Facebook. It happened before. I felt like I had to help him. I suspected he was drifting away. One thing led to another, we talked about this uncle-niece relationship that we never had. We exchanged glances, even though we knew full well that nothing would ever be possible. It was very stealthy. After confinement, I spent a few days with him. We needed to discuss it.

Over time, we started to come together a lot and realize that it was more than attraction. They were pure feelings that could not be restrained. Today we have strong feelings. We’re together. We’ve been living together for a month. He is no longer legally my uncle today. I have no blood connection with him and above all, legally, the link dissolves if there is death.

If I listen to my heart there’s no guilt, but not if I listen to my reason

I feel very guilty. It makes me have nightmares. My aunt was extremely open. She made her husband promise before closing his eyes to be happy whatever happiness he would choose. Still, I wonder what she would think if she was there. I think about her a lot, I have always had a lot of admiration for her. If I listen to my heart, there is no guilt, but not if I listen to my reason.

With my mother, we have always known very strong tensions. I will never have an ‘I love you’ from her and never see the pride in her eyes, but she remains my mother. I came back to her when my aunt died. I couldn’t stand to see her so devastated and it was also a request from my aunt. She takes this relationship very badly. I fully understand his position. What I don’t understand is judgment. Fortunately, I have a lot of friends who understand and who don’t judge. There is also our age difference. I am 41 years old and he is 64.

We have a lot of great projects. He has his moments of sadness, which I understand especially since it was my aunt. I share his difficult times. It would be more complicated for another woman to see her man mourn his late wife. I cry with him. They had two children. There is one that is more open. He says it’s not the situation he imagined, but he wants his father to move on in life, to live again and to be happy. I think he was very afraid of what was going to happen after my aunt left.

We were already cut off from the family. I no longer speak to these people and I am no worse off. There is no family. My companion often tells me that no one is harmed. We are in our bubble. We build it as we go to make it as solid as possible. It is a destructive family. So we haven’t deconstructed anything at all. On the contrary. Finally, in a family that did not exist, we connected him and me. “

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