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Animal Planet Host Experiences Close Call with Lightning Strike in Florida Everglades

When Animal Planet host Forrest Galante shot a promo video in the Florida Everglades, he got a real shock.

According to the adventurer, it was basically a perfect day to be out in nature. He could hear thunder in the distance, but that shouldn’t be unusual for the area.

In the video, Galante is standing in a swamp, with water reaching above his knees.

– Signs of danger

– When I stand out in this deserted swamp, where thunder crashes and alligators swim around, there are a couple of things I can’t do without, the American begins.

As he explains the importance of using GPS, lightning suddenly strikes right behind him

– I’ve been hit, he shouts.

BANG: Forrest Galante says he felt the electricity in his whole body. Photo: YouTube / Forrest Galante Show more

– Was paralyzed

There is a loud bang as the lightning strikes. Galante and the cameraman splash off, and quickly head for land.

– I felt it, it hit. It hurt, says the 35-year-old.

The video was posted on his YouTube channel in late September and has over 115,000 views.

Allegedly three quarters of an hour after the incident, he sat down to elaborate on what happened.

Baylee (16) killed by lightning

– I felt that I got cramps in my legs and up my ass. I was paralyzed for a short second, before I fought my way out of the water, he says in the video.

– Sick experience

Galante believes that the lightning was conducted through the water, and explains that he felt it in his legs, stomach and heart.

– I actually felt it in my mouth, he adds.

SPEAKS OUT: Shortly after the incident, Forrest Galante sat down to talk about the shocking experience. Photo: YouTube / Forrest Galante Show more

The cameraman, who had one foot in the water, explains that he too had chest pains. They did not seek medical attention after the incident, but Galante adds that he is still.

– I was five meters away from quite likely death.

– It was a sick experience, says the presenter.

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