Angry OTT KPK Makes Putri Rahmat Effendi Suspicious ‘Yellow’ is being targeted


Daughter Bekasi Mayor Rahmat EffendiAde Puspitasari was furious when his father was named a suspect in the bribery case for the procurement of goods and services and the auction of positions. Ade vented his emotions in front of the Bekasi Golkar cadres.

Ade, who is the chairman of the Bekasi City Golkar DPD, responded to the arrest of Rahmat Effendi alias Pepen with a fiery expression at the Inauguration of the Golkar Party Sub-District Managers (PK) for the Bekasi City at Graha Girsang Jatiasih, South Bekasi, Saturday (8/1). The video clip of this agenda is circulating on social media (social media). He did not accept that his father was arrested by the KPK.

“There are many witnesses, there are all witnesses at home, how the guardian was picked up at home, how the guardian only brought the body, the KPK only brought the guardian’s body, did not bring any money,” said a member of the West Java DPRD in the video.

According to him, OTT is when someone is caught giving or receiving bribes. Ade assessed that his father’s case was not an OTT.

“That the guardian and the KPK did not bring money from the pavilion. The money in the KPK is money that comes from a third party from the head of the service, from the sub-district head, it’s development, there is no OTT,” he said.

The West Java DPRD member from the Golkar faction considered that Pepen’s arrest was a character assassination. “This is character assassination,” he said.

Yellow is being targeted

Furthermore, Ade said that currently ‘yellow’, which is identical to the color of the Golkar Party, is being targeted. Who’s aiming? Ade did not explain clearly.

“Indeed, yellow is being targeted, we all know who is after yellow,” said Ade.

He also joked that ‘yellow’ will form a coalition with ‘orange’ in 2024. Ade said that if that coalition occurs, other colors will die.

“But later in 2024, if yellow combines with orange, the other color will die,” explained Ade while applauding the participants as seen in the video.

Ade Puspitasari’s explanation

When confirmed, Ade Puspitasari confirmed the incident. He said his statement was a form of motivation to raise the spirits of Bekasi City Golkar cadres.

“What I convey is motivation and supplementation for cadres so as not to be disturbed by the noise of the destructive movement against Golkar cadres in Bekasi City,” Ade said when contacted., Saturday (8/1).


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