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Anglet: the essential retreat to Quintaou

The evolution of the Covid pandemic failed to make it disappear like, alas, many summer events: the night market which was held along the beach of Sables d’Or, could not be found there this year. It was then that the City found a logical fallback solution: the Quintaou market. Admittedly, it could not offer the tourist and landscaped environment which made its charm, but it was for its survival. The Anglet entertainment department took matters into their own hands and explained the situation to the craftsmen.

“We have adapted to this particular health context”

“We have adapted to this particular health context in order to be able to continue to offer this night market which has been the oldest on the Basque Coast since 1999. At the time, it was at the Place des Cinq-Cantons before going to , called the Night Fair on the Coast. About thirty responded at first and were even pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors at the opening, explains Marjolaine, from the Entertainment department, responsible for its organization. Admittedly, the setting is different , but they found more parking possibilities there than at the Chambre d’Amour, with the possibility for residents and summer visitors to get there with the Beach Shuttle which operates until 10 p.m. “

Mylène Iannizzotto, from Saint-Jean-de-Luz is present with her stall called “Mademoiselle Bout’dchoux”, after a first year at the Chambre d’Amour. She had registered in the first months of this year for this edition used to going out to beaches and restaurants which naturally led locals and tourists to go to this market.

“We learned of this change three weeks before the start of the market and I was inevitably disappointed, knowing that it was the only solution for this market to survive. Even if I sell less than in other years, I find a pleasant customers. Despite these new conditions, many of us are satisfied to have been able to present our creations. “

This was not necessarily the occasion given in other municipalities.

Mask required

This night market, which is still open to the public with a mask, will continue until August 28. To date, 35 exhibitors are present, including three specializing in catering. Enough to spend a peaceful evening

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